Everything is more fun with friends, which is why we revamped our Refer-A-Friend (RAF) program! For each new friend you refer that joins Reklaim, you will receive 10% of their Reklaim Data Earnings. BONUS: you will receive a 100 point referral bonus for the first 5 friends you refer.

For example, you refer 4 friends who all join Reklaim at the Elite Tier (300 points/month). Collectively, they are earning $12 total per month (4 friends x 300 points/month). In total, you’ll receive 120 Reklaim Points per month thereafter (10% of 120 points) AND a one-time 400 point referral bonus just because YOU were the one that brought them into Reklaim! RAF Earnings are on top of your Reklaim Data Earnings so the earning possibilities are practically endless!

You can find your custom referral link in the Refer-A-Friend section of your account. Get sharing!

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