Shopping Rewards allow you to passively earn Reklaim Points just from your everyday shopping – crazy right? Through our Shopping Rewards Program, your shopping transactions (via the active debit/credit card you connect through your bank), can earn you Reklaim Points on a WEEKLY basis!

Shopping Rewards is simple!

  1. Login to your online banking (we don't EVER have your banking login - this is to make sure your bank knows who you are before the next step)

  2. Authorize and connect your credit card or banking card (checking/debit account)

  3. Verify your info (make sure it’s all correct)

  4. Shop like normal

You will earn from your normal purchases! Also, we will NEVER have the ability to charge you, or make any changes to your account, EVER. We will only receive transactions from your bank for as long as you're opted into the reward.

Joining Shopping Rewards counts as a tier towards Reklaim Data Earnings.

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